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We are on a mission to promote education about C-Diff and the benefits of handwashing.

Our plan is EXPOSURE through marketing with our unique and Trademarked 

C-Diff Happens…products. 

Empowering the public as well as teaching patients to self-advocate will further advance the reduction of the spread of C-Diff and SAVE LIVES!


Handwashing is so simple but simply forgotten.

How many times a day do you wash your hands?

Come on...be honest.

Probably not as much as you should. Right?

How do we know you're not alone? 

Because we see it all the time! 

At work, at home, in businesses, in public. 


Think of all the surfaces your hands touched today...just before you read this. 

INCLUDING that phone or keyboard you're using this very moment!


Sing, Scrub, Start Today!

If you can sing  the "Happy Birthday Song" twice while scrubbing your hands under soapy water then you can become a C-DIFF WARRIOR!

That followed by hand sanitizing gel will keep your hands clean and reduce the spread of C-Diff and other GERMS!

OUR PRODUCTS  are designed to help remind you and others that GERMS ARE DEADLY and  HANDWASHING SAVES LIVES!


CDI: C-Diff Infection



Clostridium difficile...well that's a mouthfull!    Let's just call it C-Diff. 

  • It is a common bacterium in the human intestine
  • When there is a disruption to the normal growth of bacteria and an overgrowth of C-Diff  then we may run into a very serious problem
  • Over 500,000 cases a year and  29,000 deaths related to C-Diff Infection


  • Use of antibiotic therapy
  • An extended stay in a long term care facility
  • Long term hospitalization


  • Those who are immunosuppresant
  • The elderly
  • Those taking antibiotics
  • Can be aquired in the community

SIGNS & SYMPTOMS (may experience one or more)

  • Severe diarrhea
  • Stomach ache
  • Fever
  • Blood in the stools
  • Vomitting
  • Loss of appetite



C,D,I: More than alphabet letters, It can be a fatal condition. C-Diff Infection: Wash Your Hands!

  • Can be aquired in the community or the hospital setting
  • Linked to antibiotic usage
  • Can be fatal
  • Handwashing can stop the spread

About Us

Jane E. Torrance, RN, BSN



Jane is a second-generation registered nurse who currently works on a GI Surgical Step-Down Unit at a Boston, MA hospital. With 27 years of experience in healthcare she desires to educate not only her patients but the public in promoting infection protection by the simple act of hand-washing.  Education is the key!  

She loves serving in her church music ministry and leads “Sweet Monday”, a lady’s outreach program serving the homeless and veterans in the community. She loves baking and cooking (it’s her therapy) for her family and coworkers.  She lives with Doug, her husband, in her hometown of Plymouth, Massachusetts, where she was born and raised. They have two grown children, Matthew, and Mary, along with her rescued pets; three dogs, two cats, pot-bellied pig, chickens, and a bee-hive! Life is good! 

Tanya M. Hargat, RN, Th.D, CDP



Tanya has spent 18+ years in Long Term and Skilled Nursing care. She is currently an Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Staff Development Coordinator. She also provides Alzheimer’s Dementia training and is responsible for Antibiotic Stewardship and Infection Control.

Her varied background includes  graduating from Mercy College, NY in Business Management,  a professional decorating program,  and A.C.T.S Theological Seminary receiving her Doctorate in Theology. She owns Heart and Crown Publishing and self publishes inspirational and uplifting reads for children. 

Tanya was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. She and her husband Ray transplanted to New England in 1989 making Plymouth, MA their new home where they raised three children. 

Mary A. Torrance, RN



Mary is a third-generation registered nurse, who works in an acute rehabilitation hospital on a Traumatic Brain Injury unit in Cambridge, MA.  She sees the need for educating her patients but mostly the families regarding infection protection.  "My patients can't help themselves, so the families need to be taught how to protect them for them".  She loves to travel, is a foodie and adores her rescued pets. Her heart’s desire is to participate in missions. She hopes to one day adopt children in need of a loving, caring home where she can offer them hope for the future. She desires to serve as a mentor for teenage girls in helping them find self-worth and strength through faith, peace, hope, and joy!


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